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Johanna Moritz is a Thai Yoga Therapist, dancer, teacher and choreographer,located in Brooklyn, New York

      Combining her years of experience of mind-body awareness, she has developed a unique Thai Yoga Therapy practice that offers private sessions.

Johanna aims to help you get back to where you want to be in your body and mind through bodywork.

Ultimately: Happy.


Treat yourself to happy.

In a Thai Yoga Private Session, Johanna works with the body`s energy lines  to releases blockages in all areas, through acupressure points, and passive Yoga stretches.

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Connect deeply as a couple.

The ultimate couple's experience, in a Thai Yoga Couples Session Johanna and her partner aid couples in a relaxing, calming, stress-relieving journey.

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When I went to see Johanna my body was all knotted up from both physical and emotional stress. Johanna's calm demeanor and strong healing hands was the exact combo I needed to be able to release in my muscles and relax in my mind.  I felt so safely guided and taken care of throughout the entire Thai massage.  I left feeling renewed and supported.

I've experienced many Thai massages, and Johanna is the real deal: a magical healer

- Elyse Sparks, Personal Coach

The breathing and gentle nature of the movements felt wonderful and I got over my fear that something was going to hurt or that I would ever be pushed too far. I think my favorite part of the massage was the abdominal massage because it felt amazing and that is just so overlooked. It felt like such a holistic approach to the body.

-  Anne Rosellini, Oscar Nominated Independent Producer

I was more relaxed after the session. I actually felt a surge of energy. I'd never felt this way after a massage. Usually I just want to go to sleep, but after Johanna's session, I felt wide awake and full of energy. I could feel the energy actually tingling in my arms and legs. Johanna is great. She makes you feel comfortable from the beginning and is genuinely open to any feedback you might have.

- Aja Davis, Personal Fitness Coach