Human habits

A lot of what we do is habits, good and bad. We all have habits.

I am a big believer that many of the habits we have is things we can change by ourselves. I also think that we are not always aware of hour habits and/or that we have the power to change them ourselves. Its great to go to therapy or getting outside help, but I do think that we sometimes get lazy, but we don’t mean to. Its more do to with that we don’t believe that we have the power.

To make it clear, I am not talking about medical issues or serious injuries. What I am talking about is habits we have in our everyday life that we can change. And many of us are conscious about them but it does not always make it easier to do something about them. And that is totally normal and human. But hey, lets change that so we can start feeling better.

Then there have also been times in the past thought some habits were just a part of me and that I could not change them. Like me getting stressed easily. That’s just a part of me” no, it’s not true.

I realized I have the power to turn it around. Think differently and realize that I don’t have to go down the road to stress.

How to identify bad habits;

Mind Habits

-       Decide to become extra aware of all thoughts that cross your head during a day. Better yet, take one hour or maybe just 5 min and write down all thoughts that come through.

 I am sure you have lots of things you are already aware of. So lets put them down on paper so we can take charge out of them.

Maybe it is thinking negative of a person doing something that triggers you, when it actually has more about someone who hurt you in the past?, and nothing to do at all by the person in the present? Are you waiting for another person to change to make your life better? Do you have any negative thoughts about your looks when you see yourself in the mirror? That’s a big one!

-       Look at your notes and see the habits you found out about yourself. Writing them down can make you even more aware of them and makes it easier to let them go. The subconscious is sneaky that way that we can be aware of something but the brain keeps hiding it and can come out crawling at times we really don’t need them to be there.

-       When those thoughts come up again. Say to yourself (laud if that helps) its not true! Its just thoughts and that do not make it true.

Physical habits

-       What bad habits do you have with your body? hare you hiking your shoulders walking, talking or sitting by the computer? tensing your buttocks while walking?

-       Congratulate yourself for noticing these things about yourself. You have taken charge of things, yey for you!


A lot of our habits comes from our past, childhood, parents, genes. But please don’t make this as a excuse to live in the past. Now it’s the time to do something about it and move on. Live in the present and leave the past alone. It’s not any of your business anymore. To get more support in living in the present it can be helpful to go back to a earlier post here

It will probably take time to make the changes permanent but that’s totally fine. You may forget sometimes and fall back. But if you have done these exercises you have started something inside your sub consciousness that will help you strengthen and weaken your bad habits in the long run. Don’t give up, cause you are worth this!

Even without knowing you (yet) personal I feel that you are a very smart person and you can make any changes you want to. Also remember that you are perfect just as you are at this moment. These steps are to make you feel even better and lessen the bad habits that give us unnecessary problems in life.


Your turn,

What habits have you changed by yourself? Maybe habits you thought were a part of you but than you realized you have the power. How did you get to that conclusion?  I love to hear your thoughts about this.

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