Want to connect deeper to your partner or spouse?

Thinking of doing something truly special together  while connecting?

Wonder why a Thai Yoga session would help us connect deeper as a couple?


  • Feeling good from inside and out makes you more relaxed, open and happy. A happy you mean an open heart. We are here to help you connect.

  • Do something truly original to celebrate your special occasion or just celebrate the love between the two of you.

  • A happier you means a deeper connection to your spouse or partner. And who does not want that?

  • Communication is a big key in any relationship. When we are comfortable and healthy in our own body, the communication comes much easier.


Session includes:

-  120 minutes massage, side by side

-  Intake (15 min)

- 90 min session where you both decide what you want to focus on.


Location; Brooklyn Studio, Crown Heights, NYC

Price: $500 for 2 people




Johanna Moritz  Starting her own private practice, she have been studying Thai for 7 years. Studied for several teachers and locations in the US and in Chiang Mai Thailand. Deeply focused she continues to deepen the practice.


Learn more about Johanna here