What is your peace of mind during the holidays worth to you?


Feeling overwhelmed with the Holidays?

Is the massive To-Do list sneaking up on you?

Feeling inundated just thinking about it?



Find out the secrets to a STRESS-FREE

Holiday and LIFE


Got 5 minutes for self-care? Probably not

You're super busy and with Christmas fast approaching, you probably don't even have 5 seconds to spend on yourself


But here's why self-care is so important


Especially during the holidays

How about Instead

Enjoy your Holiday filled with happy moments

Feel relaxed and fulfilled in the present of your loved ones

Let the cooking and cleaning be fun moments

Like what you are reading?

Then this E-book is for you


I created Self-Care Holiday just for this.

A helpful to-do list, to


Enjoying the holidays should be priority one

(Not planning it)

  • Includes a daily meditation that only takes a few minutes

  • Helpful tools on how to remove the guilt and stress

  • Effective Fun sheets and exercises

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                Only $8

Let´s enjoy this holiday


No more guilt for eating amazing food - Stop caring about the unnecessary To-Do´s

Take back the joy of the holidays

Instead, spend time with your loved ones in a mindful way

Happy Holiday`s!