Want to feel pain free?

Many times I have to remind myself to take better care of myself. When I do the difference in my body and mind is great.

Just the action of showing love to myself let´s my body release stress and I feel a bigger ease in my well being


Did you know that..

Massaging our hands or feet can be greatly beneficial. Our body is truly unique and it´s awesome gift. We hold stress and tension in many areas and a couple of minutes of "self massage" can release stress. Why not try it, it might just change your state in just a couple of minutes.


Let´s start showing ourselves love and give our bodies a chance to release tension.


  • What I talk about in this handbook is small self-help massages of hands, feet and scalp (head) that you can do anywhere.


  • Why not at your desk, in the subway (I do that often!) or taking a bath surrounded by candles.


  • If you live in a crowded NYC apartment, you can do it besides the cat in the couch while watching your favorite show.



And why not giving your partner or friend some massage-love.

Who would not love that!


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