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Body and Mind Awareness  Nuad Thai and Happiness

Many of us have concerns with our body´s, big or small. I do believe that there are a million little things we can do to change bad habits and make a difference. I´m not saying that you don´t need professional help. I do believe and praise all the wonderful therapists and healers out there. But why not help ourselves out by looking at our everyday lives and see what small things we can do to make a change for the better in our bodies and mind.

I am multi-passionate  to the bone so I will cover things all over the place. I love Thai, dance, self help, books and figuring stuff out so we can get to a better feeling in life. And it is ALL connected. If you are ready for a journey were I show you what I do to make my body and mind life easier, and hopefully can help you, let´s go!

I would love to hear from you if anyone has concerns that they want to address or get some advice for. Also if you have any own advice of what small things you do that started making a different in your bodies and lives in all, I would love to hear that too!

I would love to start a loving blog community were we share and support each other