Get your breath on

The long winter is over, spring has come and gone and now summer is here in the East. I cannot be happier about it. Still the winter has taken its toll on the body. Cold temperatures can make us tight in our chest and between the shoulder blades. This can make it a little tighter for our lungs to breath deep. And who does not want to be able to breath in as much of these lovely summer fragrances of flowers and blossoms all around us. Then again, the garbage and other more nasty smells of NY is a different area of smells.

Find a smaller sized ball. ( a tennis ball or something softer) How firm it should be is totally up to you. It depends only on your own needs. It should feel that it releases but not hurt.

Important is, do not, do NOT press on any bone whatsoever. Specially the spine is very critical to not press on.

How to:

Lay down on the floor. Either with your legs straight forward or legs bent with feet on the ground. With bent legs there are less pressure. Do Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Now, take the ball under yourself and place it between the shoulder blades (without touching the spine) and either wag your body slowly to get the ball to hit different places. Or maybe you just want to lay there and let the ball press on a specific spot that is tight. Make sure the rest of your body can relax during this. Relax your buttocks and lower back.


So, what can the ball help you with..

Open the chest, working the rib cage, shoulders, can alleviate lower back tension. Many times has it happen were I work on a clients shoulders and the lower back releases. Everything is connected

This is also very nice to do with under your buttocks, hamstrings, calves (glutes) and same same here, no pressing on any bones.

Just make sure that you are not putting any tension in another part of your body by releasing another. That is why laying on the floor is a good choice.

Do this now, today and report back. Did you find any tender spots? Any emotions come up? Did nothing special come up? Would love to hear.

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