Want to know what pain can teach you?

Sitting still for an hour without moving can be very painful and uncomfortable.

So what can pain teach us?

I had to try it to truly understand.

It's not about torturing yourself or suffering, it is actually the opposite.

It's about sitting with the pain but instead of reacting be aware of the pain objectively. Without reacting.

And instead of thinking you are feeling the sensations of your body


That helps you get out of suffering.

The same thing applies for when something starts to feel good. Instead of reacting, you watch it objectively. 

What does it do? It gets you out of craving, cause you don't react to it.

It's all about feeling and require your brain to understand that everything changes and nothing lasts.

It's about being in this moment without suffering or craving for the past or future.

And what does objective do? It digs up unresolved issues from the subconscious and releases it. 


I experienced it first hand, 

I sill suffer and crave, but something has shifted. And I hope my shift can support others.

Your turn to take action,

Share your experiences about being in the present or,

if you have any questions; comment or email me at info@nuadthaiyoga.com

I look forward hearing from you!


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