Chop and brush, I´m done!

Cherish all moments that brings you a good feeling..

My husband and I was talking about sayings and differences between the American English language and the Swedish (He is an American, and I´m Swedish) I wanted to express how tired I was in a correct English way, like “stick a fork in me, I am done”, but it did not fell trough. unfortunately I cannot say that it´s the only time that happen.. Instead my very clever and funny husband expressed it in such a great way! This is for all the Nuad Thai practitioners and Thai masseurs out there.. (sorry for all the non Nuad Thai nerds out there) “Chop and brush me, I´m done” I just loved it! Just to explain. In the Thai Work We usually end a session by “chopping” the clients back and then brush from the head down the back to finish the session.

Anyone else who has created a great personal “saying” or “quote”? Would love for you to share..

This post is for treasuring  the small moments that happens every day, but that might be hard to see sometimes. I know from personal experience that it can be so. The saying goes and I think we all have heard it “laughter is the best medicine” But it does not make it less true!!! And when you laugh, take the chance to let go of everything around and inside you and just let the laughter rush over you.

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