How Thai saved my mind

I am a thinker, I always have been a thinker and a analyzer. I cant tell you how many times people have told me “not to think so much” It does not have to be big things either, my brain is just wired to think and analyze to the tiniest detail and elaborate even the smallest things. Trying to solve or make sense of things.

Before I understood that it is a part of who I am (and that it is ok!), and that I need to find ways to “ease my mind ”, or, tell the monkeys not to chat so loudly for my own sake. It was a challenge and I thought there was something wrong with me. Luckily that is not the case anymore.

The monkey brain, as I like to call it, comes back from time to time. Especially when trying to fall asleep is when it sets in. And there is not a cute bunch of monkeys either. And I love animals, so me trashing a bunch of monkeys says a lot.

I have realized that when it becomes too overwhelming and exhausting. I have to DO things. I have to get out of my head and into my body. That is for me the solution to get myself out of my own mind.

So what exactly did I do, and still are to ease the thinking?


“And so one day came the Thai into my life…”

When I work on a client I am not focused on me anymore. My energy and thinking (monkeys and everything) is turned to the client and whatever I am working for. Sure I have to be aware of my own body positions so that I position myself in a good way to give the client the most effective treatment. Also awareness of the best way for the energy flow to move and heal. This is a great way for me to focus my “thinking” in a creative way that helps people. Cause I am wired so that I am always looking and analyzing to find solutions and go deeper, both in a destructive and a destructive way.

The destructive kind of thinking is when I start analyzing everything behind the sun when trying to fall asleep, or when I focus too much on the future or the past. That’s a big one! I will definitely talk about that subject in another future blog post.

To get out of that I did the things I truly love doing (and still is) and what makes me feel good. I started dancing more with my absolute favorite teacher Laurie DeVito, (if you are in NYC, take her classes!) I love dancing with all my heart and probably a big reason for that is because it gets me out of my head.

If you are not sure what you like to do. Try and see if there is stuff you like to do but you don´t value them enough. It can be anything!!!! if you looove taking out the garbage.. That is great, do more of that. There is not judgment in feeling things. Whatever we feel good about doing, that’s not destructive, do that and be happy with it. But DO things, I cannot stress it enough, DO, DO, DO!

I started to DO things I had been putting off. You know that list you have in your head or written down. But it is so long that you keep putting things off. And it is scary things like reaching out to people or making a call. I have experienced it very hard to actually do things; maybe it is because I am a thinker, maybe not. But I decided that whatever reason I had in the past. I would stop coming up with excuses and instead started DOING things. And it made a big impact of my life and my well being.

I started small which I recommend and it surely worked for me. We all have big goals but in my experience when you reach for the big goals first, it easily becomes too overwhelming and then you stop.

I admire people who are more of the doer and who can talk without hesitation. I love listen to people and maybe that is why I have lots of respect and love being around people who are doers. Cause it challenge me to do more.

Taking care of others is something I believe is a basic human need. It does not matter what it its. It can be volunteering or being a parent taking care of a child. But giving and helping is truly important for our well being.

So, Thai saved my mind cause by finding a way to help others and getting out of my head saved me from my over thinking, destructive mind. Thai made me see that it is a way for working with my mind in a way that can help a person heal, one energy line at a time.

Now it is your turn, decide something you can do today and do it. Schedule it and do it and report back and let us know what kind of response or refocus your mind got.

As always, I would love to hear your experiences of what happens in your life that made your get out of your head. Or if you have a question, please comment. Of course in a loving supporting way, cause in here there is no other way.


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