Me 1-0 Negative feelings

We all have negative thinking patterns in our head. A lot of us are aware of these and we know that there are negative and destructive. What today´s homework is for me and for anyone who want to join me is;

When the next negative thought comes up. I will take it out from my head and sit down with it to have a conversation with it about why it is in my head and how it can get the fu%k out of my head for now (or maybe even for good), or at least make it less powerful.

Ah! just writing this brought up a negative thought within myself. It said ” I am not sure I am are worth to change your life, I should stay where I am and not making my life better”

What I did when it popped out: I realized that I was thinking it. It was in the back so it was a little hard to hear it at first. But when I really heard it I took it out and wrote it down, word for word.

Then I looked at it and read it a couple of times. From there I picked up the feelings that came up. The major feeling was fear.

I started to let that fear come over me and just let it sore without trying to stop it. What then came up was why I was feeling the fear. The fear of me not being good enough came from me being scared of change.

Wow, that felt good I must say. it is scary and it feels bad to have the feelings but to take it out made it less “true in my head. It made me feel strong again and that I do have everything I need to succeed right now in this moment. And that I don´t need to have all the answers yet.

It kind of woke me up to the present moment and made me  aware of that the feelings and that bad thought is just a thought. It is not me. And these bad feelings will come up, I don’t believe they will never go away. But we can learn how to process them and make them less “true in our head.

My last part was to come back to the present moment and see what is in front of me. Realize that what I was feeling was fear about the future based on my past. But by coming back to the present moment. Me sitting in the coach with my laptop in my lap typing, feeling my fingers dancing around the keyboard gave me the power back. That is a big key. A lof of our fears comes from worrying about the future and the past instead of being in the moment. Remember that the future is fiction anyways.

So my process were:

  • Realize the negative thought and took it out, and wrote it down (word for word)
  • Let the feeling soar over you without trying to push it away
  • See what comes up letting the feeling/feelings. it can be any feelings, sadness, fear, anger, or anything else.
  • Come back to the present moment and be totally present on whatever you are doing or where you are.

See if this works for you

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