I touched his spine through his abdominal


When I traveled to Thailand to study Nuad Thai Yoga and it was one of the biggest experiences in my life.

The biggest experience for me was when I met master teacher Pichest Boonthumme.

It all started when I came trough his door. His studio is a small building outside his own house outside the city Chiang Mai in Thailand.

(The whole Thailand experience was so amazing but I will tell you the rest another time).

I stood in the doorway very nervous cause I had heard stories about him not letting people in or asking them to come back later cause they were not ready yet. And this he knew without talking to the person. He just knew,

I walked in and sat on one of the mats waiting for the morning prayers to start before the day of Thai training would begin. In just a couple of minutes he started talking to me. Not really looking at me but he started talking to me. And the amazing part was that he said how I was feeling and why I was feeling that way. It blew me completely away. Somehow he saw right trough me and told me things I did not even know about myself and he also gave my ideas of what I should do to feel better.

Yep, he is amazing and I got to experience it first hand..

Then one day he started working on me.

He is not a man shy of criticism but at the same way you want all the criticism you can get. Cause he will help you in a way you cannot imagine. I was lying receiving from another student when Pichet came next to me and to my liking he started to work on me. He touch me and expelled “terrible terrible” head ache, head ache” you have to fix the inside to be able to heal the outside. He was pointing and pressing into my abdominal who was very tender and hard.

Then he let me feel into his abdominal, my hand went straight trough and it easily hit his spine. wow!!! it was amazing, it was such an experience, and such a realization on how bad my own abdominal well being was.

Abdominal massage is a important part of Nuad Thai Yoga and I believe it truly to be a key thing for our well being.

When If could feel the state of his abdominal health I realized how someone’s body should feel to be in good health, and that my state was not even close. I think it’s interesting how we get used to an unhealthy state somehow.  It is such a great blessing when we get a reminder of things we should work on to feel better.


Take care of your inside as well at the outside. Things you can do today;

-       Start your day with freshly squeezed lemon water. Helps cleans and gives your body a good start.

-       If you drink coffee, try and not start on a empty stomach. Start with lemon water and preferable breakfast to warm your stomach up.

-       Do some crunches; Before you say “he%€ no! it does not have to be many. Start with 10 if you are not used to doing them. Just to get in touch of your muscles. Like saying “hi and good morning” to your beautiful abdominals.

-       Make a list on one thing that makes you stressed and take care of it today! Stress is a hugh reason for problems, aches and pains. So, if there is something that you are going around with that feels you up with stress. Take it by the tail and let it go.


I also recommend you to get body work done.. cause remember, you are the one person that can take care of you best. If you don´t, nobody else will. I am saying this with love!


-       Go get acupuncture and check if herbs can be something for you to help your digestion.

-       Get a Nuad Thai Yoga session to get specific abdominal work or as we call it “Hara” work to work on your digestion and any other concerns you may have. Or maybe you just feel that it is time you put yourself first!


Your turn, do you have any experiences were you realized something about yourself that you should attend to feel better? Or if you have experiences to share that blew your mind away? Would love to hear them.


Also, write down 1 thing you will do today to take care of you abdominal health.


Feel free to comment below.


Take care of yourself



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