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Ok that’s not true. But did I get your attention?

The lesson of the day is; believe in what you want to become and what you want in life. The rest is not always up to you. I am a big believer in affirmations.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that if I decide that I want something, I decide that I already have it. I think and feel like I already have it. Somehow things will move in that direction and you will get there.

Feeling like you already have it is the big key. Cause if you cant feel it, it wont come. If you feel it without it actually being there, you can get and become whatever you want. Don´t believe in it? Don´t knock it until you try it.

In the other way, thinking that its not possible and thinking to much of how” and the difficulties that makes you stop thinking that its even possible. That will make you not get there.

Important to understand is too that how the affirmations will come true is not always clear. And an affirmation does not always come true the way you thought they would be. An example from my own life was in the beginning of the year I decided that this year I will dance for the dance teacher Laurie DeVito, I will dance in her company in a piece. And I really felt it!

Just a couple of weeks after she offered a workshop to dance in a piece choreographed by her. That was mind blowing. True, it was not with her dance company, but just two weeks ago I danced on the stage. A BIG thing for me. And if I am totally honest with myself, I know deep inside that I am not ready yet to be in her company. It stings somewhat but I made a conscious choice to see the reality in it. My affirmation came true in a different way I had imagined, but still it came true.

Which way will you choose to take?

Focus on what you want and train yourself to feel that you already have it. Try it

Please share any affirmations you have had in life that came true.

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