I cracked my phone screen

I could not ignore that I had seen in coming. In the beginning when I got my phone almost two years ago, I was so careful with it. I bough this gigantic cover for it so it would be safe in case I would drop it. two years has passed and after many drops it was still ok. The case was in a bad shape but the phone worked besides some problems with the sounds sometimes.

4 days ago I left in on an small table in our backyard, and when I was about to move the table I did not think about that the phone was still there, it fell on the concrete and when I looked at it there it was, a crack.

My first thought was, oh no, my second was, well, I did stop being careful about my phone quite some time ago. So no surprise really.

I love to find reasons to why things happen. Specially the not so fun things, I know it is my coping mechanism to feel better about when things happen. It nourishes me somehow.

What did I realize this time? That I stopped taking care of things in my life in the way I should, and that makes things break more easily, that is a weakness I have. It becomes a downward spiral where I stop doing self care and like now, don´t take care of my phone, and then it just goes down from there.

What do I do to get out of it? First I acknowledge that it happens, that I am in the spiral.

Then I accept what is and start to work on getting rid of the guilt that I feel of being in the spiral.

Then I just let the emotions run through and over me until I see more clearly whats the deeper reason why. By letting it all come out I don´t hold back on anything that might be stuck or just don´t want to come out. It can be very intense and hard in the beginning, but trust me, the overwhelm or whatever feelings that might be, will get less and less and in the end you will feel lighter. like you let go of something that was holding you back.

Right now a big personal reason is that I have not danced in a month. I have valid reasons for it but still it affects me so much when I don´t dance. As soon as I have worked things out I will start dancing again. Getting out of my head and into my body is very important for my well being. It´s like getting a emotional cleanse. Feel the ahh-feeling here.

If you feel anything like I do, work the emotions through and get restated.

To recap what you can do when you are in the spiral of not enough self care:

-       Accept the present and what is

-       Let the emotions rush over you so that you can get down to what the true source of your troubles are. Did you stop doing something that used to make you feel good?

-       Make a feel good “to-do list” with things that makes you feel great, it can be a fun type of exercise, working on a project that you love, or hugging your cat for a long time.


Your turn, what do you do when you feel the downward spiral? Comment and write down one thing you will do this week to make you feel better.


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