Want to know something that is none of your business?

In the Nuad Thai Yoga-work we work with energy lines through the body to alliviate tension, stress, injuries or illness. Alot of us are sensetive to energy work. But what about the energy all around us? Especially the energy we receive from other people in our surroundings?

A couple of weeks I was walking the streets of Brooklyn, NYC and a woman with a dog walked pass me. She looked at me and seemed very annoyed. Her whole energy was screaming how annoyed she was.  Of some reason I took it personal. Was I in her way? Did I do anything to upset her? I suddenly felt guilt and worry rushing through me.

I felt bad about a block or so (like 1 minute walk in NYC-block-term) Then it hit me, her negative energy got straight through me and I soaked it all in.

It was when I realized that, I found that her energy had probably nothing to do with me, at all!!! It was much more likely that I met a person who had a bad moment and I just happen to cross her path at just that moment. (And no, I was not by anyways in her way or anything)

Why do we do that? Take other peoples energy personal?

I believe there are different reasons, speaking from myself:

Personally, it mostly depends on what kind of day I have. If my self esteem is low of some reason, I become very sensitive for negative energies around me.

On good days I see things from a distance perspective, and it does not effect me at all in the same way.

It's also New York, people are not always so friendly (I still love you, NYC!)

I have a friend who are very sensitive for other peoples energy a. She soaks it up like a sponge. And I hear it all around, how people are fleeing from people that just makes them exhausted.

So whatever the reason might be that a person does not seem to like you, how do we handle it?

This is where I want to share one of my favorite quotes;


"What other people think about you is none of your business" 


I wish I could remember who said this to me, Unfortunate I can't but this is one of my all time favorites. Cause it's so much truth in it. 

Now, of course we need to take responsibility about how we act. I´m not saying that we can act like asses ("rumpor" in swedish) and get away with it. What I am talking about is those situations in life where we don´t mean to be in a bad mood or the energy or chemistry is just not inline, so somehow people seems to not like us.

We cannot decide what other people think of us. Also it depends on what kind of day people meet us at. If I meet a new person on a crappy day it can feel pretty bad cause I am not my happy "best" self. 

But what helps me get over it is to think about the quote "what other people think of you is none of your business. It takes the pressure of a bit.

Something I try to do myself is that I try to give people a couple of meetings before I make up my mind about how I feel about the person. Cause that is what I would like other people would do for me.

But if a person meet me on a crappy day and decides that I am that way and by that not like
me. That is not my problem.

It also tells me that this person is not very open minded and that is a important quality I want to surround myself with, cause it makes me feel good. The blessing in disguise is that I will find out early on that this person was probably not a good fit in my life anyways.

I am not here to judge, I am just saying that I know what kind of energies and people I want to surround me with to be happy. What works for me might be completely different for others. There are no right or wrongs, neither good or bad here.

I am not by any means saying I am perfect. I don´t always do everything I say 100% of the times, but I try my best to reach there and that's what counts in my book. Keep up the good thinking and loving and it will get better and easier.

Do you have a easy time soaking up other peoples Energies? 


What did you do to not let it get to you? Please share in the comments and maybe your sharing will help someone else to do the same:

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