Scared of what your dreams might be telling you?

You know those times you wake up after you have had a dream that felt so incredible real that when you wake up, it takes a minute to realize that it was actually a dream.

Maybe the dream left you with different feelings, big or small; fear, excitement, joy , anxiety or stress.

It does not have to be a big or powerful dream even. Some nights our dreams just makes us think, reflect and wonder.

Why did I dream that? What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Should I not eat spicy right before going to bed?

And then I read; Dreams, Messages From Your Subconscious where I got these questions answered. I felt a big relief as well cause i realized that our dreams are there to help us, not the opposite. If you are wondering of any of these things, I would recommend you to check out this book.

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I am very excited to have the author of the book Naomi Goodlet as my very first guest interview here on my blog. I am a proud affiliate for her book.


If you are curious about this book ant the author, here is a couple of Q&A from Naomi where you get to know her and why she wrote this book.



1) How did you become interested in the meaning of dreams?
My dreams had always fascinated me and I had no idea what they were trying to tell me. As I found my path towards spirituality and self-discovery I came across books about dream interpretation, sleep studies and the subconscious mind and I was completely hooked!
When I became a spiritual healer in 2006 my clients began telling me about their dreams and I started to learn about how our dream world reflects our waking world.
I love how dreams invite us to get to know ourselves more intimately and create a beautiful relationship with our subconscious mind.

2) How are our subconscious minds using dreams to communicate with us?
The subconscious governs all of our non-conscious functions, like breathing, healing, digesting etc. Its core role is to keep us healthy, balanced and nourished. But the subconscious does not have a voice! It needs to communicate with us to keep us on track but it is forced to use subtle and cryptic messages to communicate.
Many of us are already in tune with how the subconscious manifests discomfort, illness and pain in our bodies as a way of bringing our attention to an imbalance of some kind and our dreams are no different. The subconscious uses the dream state to deliver messages to you (often cryptic ones) so that you may know what you need in order to heal and restore your balance.
Not all dreams contain messages. I encourage you to look deeper into vivid and memorable dreams that contain strong emotions and images and disregard the others. I believe that we remember the dreams we are meant to remember.
3) How can we use our dreams to help us grow, heal and learn about ourselves?
Once we start recording our dreams, learning what they mean and understanding how to draw advice from them we can take on the wisdom being offered by our subconscious and make changes in our lives so that we can become happier, healthier and more balanced.
All you need to do to get started is to take more notice of your dreams! Write them down if you can and be sure to record what was happening in your life around the time of the dream. As you learn about dream symbols and what they mean specifically to you, you can use your intuition to decipher their messages with ease.
It’s important to remember that we don’t need to feel fearful or guilty about our dreams. Every dream is a gift. If you have a dream with confronting images or negative feelings then your subconscious is trying to get your attention. This is a sign that you need to look inward and take on board the advice that the dream is offering you.
4) Can you take us through your method for interpreting dreams?
Start by identifying the strong feelings in your dream and ask yourself whether this is a usual feeling that you experience in waking life? If not then prick up your ears and take notice of the rest of the components of the dream.
Remember that dreams are likely to be symbolic rather than literal so you need to explore what each component of your dream means to you specifically to determine its message. My book, Dreams, Messages From Your Subconscious has been written to help you understand the meaning if your dream symbols.
I encourage you to give it a go, record your dreams, listen to your intuition and develop your own dream interpretation routine.
5)  What called you to write your new book about the interpretation of dreams?
The book is called Dreams, Messages From Your Subconscious (and it’s now a bestseller!). I started writing it years ago as a resource for myself so that I could look up dream symbols to confirm their meaning for clients and I just kept writing (with a 2 year break in between when I had my daughter). 
I would tell people about the resource guide that I had created for myself and kept receiving encouragement to turn it into a book. As I did so, my passion for sharing this information with the world grew.
I also created two resources that go with it that anyone who purchases the book can download for free, a Dream Journal and a Dream Analysis Worksheet, everything that you will need to get started with the interpretation of your own dreams.
I hope to inspire people to develop a deeper relationship with themselves by better understanding the messages in their dreams. It is available on Amazon for Kindle.


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