Stop being cheap with yourself

I'm ashamed to admit this but, sometimes I buy things that are bad for my body cause I think I can't afford it.

Not putting yourself and your health first. I buy the cheapest crap cause I think I can't afford it.

"Better to save $2 right"?

No no .. Please take care of yourself. I have to remind myself to stop doing it and I hope that you are not doing this to yourself.

Sometimes I buy something I did not want but it was the cheapest choice. Then I don't get satisfied and I end up buying something else also - which in the end made me spend more money anyways.

Why do we do it? Cause it´s hard to put ourselves first. We hear that voice inside telling us that it´s more worth spending money on someone else then ourselves. We don´t want to be selfish, right?

I hope you know that voice is BULLBAJS! (bajs is shit in swedish)

The one person you should take care of first is yourself cause if you don´t take care of yourself, who will? Getting the best things for your own self is the highest grade of gratitude you can give to the world. Cause by loving yourself you will have so much love to give to others.

And loving yourself will show the way for others to do the same. And is there any better gift than that?

So let´s start today, is there anything you have decided that you can´t do for yourself cause you don´t believe you should? it´s better to save that money? if it is buying that extra nice blouse you have seen, or buying the organic apples you can´t stop thinking about.

Anything, does not have to cost money, maybe it is getting away for a weekend by yourself that you know you need but feeling selfish about. DO IT! book and go! you and your family will thank you after, when they see that happy and fulfilled person you become by putting your needs first.

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